Domestic Abuse Laws in Pakistan

Domestic abuse is a pervasive problem in Pakistan, affecting thousands of women every year. According to the Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey (PDHS), nearly 32% of women aged 15-49 have experienced some form of physical violence from their husbands, while nearly 9% have experienced sexual violence.

To address this issue, Pakistan has enacted several laws to protect women from domestic abuse, including:

  • The Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act, 2013
  • The Protection of Women (Criminal Laws Amendment) Act, 2006
  • The Women’s Protection Act, 2006

These laws provide legal protection and remedies for women who are victims of domestic abuse, including restraining orders, protection orders, and the ability to file criminal charges against their abusers.

Despite these laws, many women in Pakistan are unaware of their rights and lack the resources to access legal assistance and support. This is where UpLaw can be a valuable resource for women who are seeking to combat domestic abuse.

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In addition, UpLaw provides a forum for women to share information and resources related to domestic abuse in Pakistan, allowing them to collaborate and work together to address this important issue.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or if you know someone who is, UpLaw can be a valuable resource to help you seek legal assistance and support. By using UpLaw, you can connect with qualified lawyers who can help you navigate the legal system and fight for your rights.


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