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How it works?

Join & Verify

After Registration, you will be redirected to Verify. Submit the requested information.

Your Account will be verified with in 1 hour. In the mean time, you can update your profile & check example profiles.

Complete Profile

Complete your basic profile by listing your Qualifications, Experiences etc.

Badges will be assigned to your profile based on the Documents submitted during Verification Process.

List Services

After profile is Verified. Click “Post New” button on dashboard and list your services.

You’ll receive Email Notifications when a client will Request a Service in selected Sub-category & Location.

Inquiries & Chat

Clients will contact you after reviewing your profile. Chat with clients through UPLAW.

If you wish to use Escrow service, send client “Custom Offer” with in UPLAW chat. Don’t forget to include Full Work Scope.

Detailed Guide

Experience the full power of UPLAW’s advanced algorithm

Joining UPLAW & Getting Verified

To maintain Platform’s reputation and offer best quality services we review all profiles & submissions manually. To Join platform as a Lawyer/Consultant you’ll need the following:

✔️ An email ID

✔️ A Valid License

Click “Register” button on Top Right corner…

– Enter your preferred username (e.g. adv_ali, adnan_khan etc)
– Enter your Email
– Enter your Password, and then confirm your password
– Select User type (Lawyer)
– Verify reCaptcha & Click “Continue“.

Great! Your profile has been created. Click the “Verification Link” sent to your email.
Now you’ll be redirected to : UPLAW.PK/VERIFY

– Select the kind of Payment terms you wish to offer your clients.
E.g. if you select “Money Back Guarantee” then a label will be assigned to your profile and all future orders you will receive will be treated under the “Money Back Guarantee” contract terms.
– Give us a little bit of Professional Information (City of Legal Practice, Affiliated Bar Council & Bar Association)
– In the Next step, optionally upload Bar License, Academic Certificates and other supported documents.
Clients usually prefer Lawyers/consultants with verified status.
– Select User type (Lawyer)
– Finally, select if you want to gain some extra badges and improve ranking on UPLAW.
Check “I agree” Click “Submit

After submitting Verification form, you’ll be redirected to Profile

✔️ Tell your clients about your academic qualification, experiences, skills etc

✔️ You can upload Press or Media Coverage of your Law firm in Portfolio Section.

✔️ Click “Dashboard” to visit your control Panel.

✔️ Click “List New Service” to create a new listing. Under Free membership you can list 3 services for free.

E.g. If you list a service under Family Law > Divorce Advice (in Lahore) that will be counted as 1 listing. If you list 2nd service under Family Law > Divorce Advice (in Rawalpindi) that will be counted as 2nd Listing.
You’ll instantly receive an email when a client posts a request under Family Law > Divorce Advice in Lahore or someone posts a request under Family Law > Divorce Advice (in Rawalpindi)

If you have Gold or Pro+ Membership then please contact customer support after listing 1 service in each main category. We’ll enable all sub-categories for you.

After profile verification, the first order of business is to List your services.

✔️ Visit :
(OR) Click “List New Service” button on Profile or Dashboard
(OR) Hover your cursor on profile icon in upper right corner, Select “Lawyers Menu” and then click “List New Service”

✔️ Fill all the required fields, select a Category & Sub-category

✔️ Define your service Location (E.g. Lahore High court, Rawalpindi Session court etc)

✔️ Upload relevant pictures. If you have an introductory video explaining your service, you can also provide Youtube link.

Provide description of the services you’re offering, in “Buyer Requirements” list down all kind of information you’ll need from clients.

✔️ Price your services.
If you’re offering a fixed price service (e.g. tax return filing then select “Fixed Price”.
If you’re offering flexible pricing then you can select Packages and offer 3 variations of pricings.
If your prices are not fixed, select “Custom Offers” and clients will always contact you with their requirements to get a custom quote.

✔️ If you’re selling a digital product (Contract template, Financial templates, Law related book etc) then select “INSTANT” and upload file. Otherwise select the number of delivery days.

Your Profile is approved & services are Live

✔️ You’ll receive email notifications as well as on-site notifications when ever a client will order your service or send a message.

✔️ Try to communicate through UPLAW or take chat to WhatsApp

✔️ After understanding client’s requirements & discussing complete Work Scope. Send them Custom Offer through UPLAW chat.

✔️ Mention complete work scope in your Custom offer (what’s included in the order and what’s not included) to avoid any future disputes

✔️ Always provide updates to client regarding case through Order Management System or Order page.
This way in case of a dispute, our dispute resolution team will be able to review and decide based on the Agreed Work scope & delivered/completed work.

✔️ Check out membership plans and upgrade your membership to get additional benefits.