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What is UPLAW?

UPLAW is a legal services marketplace making it easy to find and hire lawyers online at affordable prices.

Our core mission is to:

Making legal simple, fast & conveniently accessible for everyone in Pakistan.

We’re working on simplifying the process to find and hire lawyers instantly in Pakistan.  

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Let’s build a more transparent AI-Powered Legal ecosystem together

Getting legal work done in Pakistan is a nightmare for a common man. It’s an expensive, time consuming & complicated process.

The very first step is always finding the right consultant. That’s where UPLAW comes in,
we try to match you with an attorney who’s available, affordable & expert in the required field of law.

It is completely FREE to use Uplaw. In case of an Escrow contract, we charge 2% administrative fees (to cover overheads, bank charges & taxes)

In simple words, Under Escrow – UPLAW Tech, Inc. holds on to the money in a secure account until the Lawyer delivers the service.
It reduces risk on both sides and increases transparency.

As a client you’ll have the surety that in case of non-delivery or poor quality of service you’ll receive a full/partial refund.
And as a Lawyer you’ll have the surety that in case of delivery of service, you’ll get your full fees.

Escrow is a mutual agreement between Lawyer & client. You’ll need to agree to the Workscope & deliverables before initiating an Escrow contract. It’s a simple process:

1) After finalizing the terms, client deposits the money (Lawyer’s fees) in UPLAW’s corporate bank account.
2) A case management system is created and Lawyer starts working on the case/project.
3) Lawyer completes & delivers the work (in milestones or in full) through case management system.
4) You’ll have up to 3 days to review the delivered work & resolve any issues.
5) Satisfied with the work? Mark the order as Complete, and we’ll instantly release the money to Lawyer
6) Unsatisfied? Request Revision, (or) raise a dispute (or) ask UPLAW to Arbitrate/decide.

Always ensure to communicate anything regarding the Escrowed project through UPLAW messaging.

Uplaw is an open platform connecting lawyers & clients. We’re not a law firm and do not participate in legal representation. All the service providers on UPLAW are independent professionals and not the employees of UPLAW Tech, Inc. We do not provide any kind of Guarantees in terms of services delivered by independent consultants.

You can use ESCROW service to ensure the safety.

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